The strategy of Calwis remains the same: we aim to grow our Company by enabling our customers to become better companies. Whether we only manufacture a single component for our customer or produce an entire finished product, Calwis views the customer relationship as a partnership. With the competition and cost pressures of today’s market place, this collaborative approach is both sensible and effective.

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Calwis typifies the strong and dependable firms of the American Mid-West producing quality products year after year. However, like many other companies today, Calwis knows that today’s environment is more challenging than ever. Therefore, we strive to maintain our high level of customer focus while integrating a more innovative approach to our business by complementing our manufacturing capabilities with our creative energy. The result of that energy and the strength of our collaboration with customers has resulted in many successful products.

Our Mission

Our objective is to produce high-quality solutions that address the challenges of our customers and that create durable value for them. Wherever possible, we try to build partnerships with our customers that focus on their long-term goals. We at Calwis are aware of the barriers to growth and profitability that most companies face. However, our aim is to work with our customers to create and execute strategies that will result in consistent profitable growth for them.